Oryza Sativa FC Continues Ascendancy in PstBet NFA Cup

Oryza Sativa FC, representing the Zambezi Regional Second Division in the PstBet NFA Cup, secured their spot in the quarterfinals by defeating relegation-bound Life Fighters FC in the round of 16. This victory is yet another milestone in the club’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to competitive success.

Oryza Sativa FC, established in 2012 by Ben Uerikua and Dr. Deon Hepute, originated as a social outlet for its founders. Far from home in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region, they sought a weekend pastime that quickly blossomed into a robust football club. What began as casual matches among friends evolved into a formidable team within the Zambezi Golden League.

The club’s debut season hinted at future success, as they secured a commendable second-place finish behind Green Eagles FC. Persistence and determination bore fruit in their third season, where they clinched the league championship, earning automatic promotion to the second division. Their inaugural season in the higher tier was impressive, as they finished third, defeating strong teams like Namib Chiefs FC and Space Age FC.

Despite being newcomers and underdogs in the PstBet NFA Cup, Oryza Sativa FC is proving that their presence in the competition is no fluke. Their recent performance underscores their readiness to face any challenge and pursue their ambitious goal of becoming the first team from the Zambezi Region to be crowned PstBet NFA Cup champions.

As the team prepares for the quarterfinals, Oryza Sativa FC’s journey is not just a testament to their skills on the field but also to the community and camaraderie that underpin their success.

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