President Mbumba gains insight into green economy advances

Niël Terblanché

President Nangolo Mbumba took strides towards advancing Namibia’s green economy and economic independence during engagements in Lüderitz over the weekend.

He initiated several projects aimed at promoting renewable energy and local development.

This included the inauguration of the Hyphen Meteorological Mast to measure wind potential for renewable energy generation, and a visit to the site of the Hyphen Angra Point Industrial Chemical Facility, which showcased infrastructure developments for ammonia storage, water abstraction, and desalination.

Mbumba also met with the town council’s management, executives from government institutions, and local business leaders to discuss plans for upcoming projects aimed at the harbour town’s development and preparations to accommodate these initiatives.

He stressed the potential of these projects to propel Namibia towards economic independence, particularly highlighting the significance of the development projects in Lüderitz and nearby towns.

While in the region the President also inaugurated the Hyphen Meteorological Mast at Tsau //khaeb National Park.

This facility is set to measure the potential of wind in the area for the generation of renewable energy.

The mast will also gather information about the hours of sunshine over a set period of time for the eventual construction of a solar power generation facility.

The data collected by the equipment on the mast will enhance the project’s viability, a step forward in realizing Namibia’s green hydrogen ambitions.

Mbumba expressed enthusiasm for the commencement of wind measurement operations and the future production of green hydrogen in Namibia and said the mast marks an important milestone on the way towards sustainable energy utilization.

The president’s visit to the site of Hyphen Angra Point Industrial Chemical Facility gave new insights into the critical infrastructure developments underway, including facilities for ammonia storage, water abstraction, and desalination.

He further called for collaboration among stakeholders – local and regional authorities, and the central government and said that a collective effort is required to actualize this project.

According to President Mbumba, these initiatives align with Namibia’s broader economic and environmental agenda, as detailed in Cabinet directives and his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

He said that Namibia has prioritized the development of green hydrogen, oil initiatives, and other legacy projects to stimulate economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development.

He added that by focusing on sectors like agriculture, mining, fisheries, tourism, oil and gas, and green energy, Namibia aims to fast-track economic development and employment opportunities, particularly for the youth.

“My administration has also committed to tackling corruption, particularly in the energy sector, to ensure transparency and accountability in these transformative projects,” he said.

He said that this concerted effort by the Namibian Government to prioritize renewable energy projects and economic development initiatives indicates Namibia’s ambitious stride towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

According to President Mbumba, these projects not only aim to harness the environmental benefits of renewable energy but also seek to position Namibia as a leading player in the green energy sector that will eventually contribute significantly to the country’s economic independence and development.

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