Swapo members distance themselves from IPC funding allegations.

Ester Mbathera

Former Swapo parliamentarians have distanced themselves from a list circulating on social media claiming they are part of a group that funds the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) party.

On the list are Helmuth Angula, Isack Katali, and Pendukeni Ivula-Ithana, business personalities Marth Namundjebo-Tilahun, Erastus Shapumba, and Israel Kalenga, as well as the founder
of the International University of Management (IUM), David Namwandi.

The message comes as many are questioning the fundraising of the IPC, which recently acquired a fleet of 100 vehicles.

Ivula-Ithana said the list is old but believes its resurrection serves a particular agenda aimed at tarnishing the reputations of individuals associated with a specific campaign.

“Those forwarding it to different chat groups have a particular intent, to tarnish the names of those targeted in this particular campaign. Nowadays, people scramble for positions and influence and care less about whether what we do, actually maintains or kills what we are fighting for. The deployment of known anti-Swapo propagandists, agent provocateurs of known origin, to speak and agitate for us and on our behalf, has in itself the seed for the eventual destruction of Swapo as an organization,” she said.

Ivula-Ithana alleged that those involved in the circulation of the message are known anti-Swapo propagandists, who are advocating for certain interests within the party.

“This is the work of the enemy of the Swapo Party and they should be seen for who they have been and continue to be – enemy agent provocateurs and anti-Swapo Party dark forces!” she said.

She warned that such actions if left unchecked, could sow the seeds of destruction within Swapo.

“What has changed all of a sudden that they can now join/rejoin the party? I know the cadres of the party, who know where Swapo comes from and where it wants to go, cannot be hoodwinked by these recent tactics of blackmailing cadres in this manner. The faceless mastermind of the list ought to have provided some other hints other than just names of the individuals, some in combination with others,” she said.

Angula dismisses the alleged list as ‘trash’.

“It is trash. I don’t own a company by that name. It’s just old stories of name peddling by desperate job seekers,” he said.

Katali declared that he is indeed still a Swapo loyalist.

“This is not a new list. It resurfaced now as it was posted some years back during the elections time. There is no truth in it, and I am a full Swapo Party member,” he said.

Businesswoman Martha Namundjebo-Thilahum also dismissed the list.

“What will I get from funding IPC, while we have hungry people in this country? When will they share the list of who funds Swapo where my name is very prominent?” she questioned.

Kalenga says although he knows Ithula because they shared a prison cell in the 1970s, he has no contact with him currently.

“If I were to fund IPC, I should come out now and campaign. Someone must tell me how much I fund IPC and the payment method. I am not leaving Swapo. I am 74 years old and if I leave Swapo where should I go,” he questioned.

IPC spokesperson Imms Nashinge questioned why there is an interest in their party’s funding.

“What is the cry? Are we not supposed to be funded,” he questioned.

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