Ramaphosa reflects on lessons from Geingob’s leadership

Niël Terblanché

During a poignant visit to Windhoek this Saturday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa shared heartfelt reflections on the influence of the late Namibian President Hage Geingob.

Ramaphosa, who was in Namibia for a working visit, met with President Nangolo Mbumba and extended his condolences to Monica Geingos, the bereaved former First Lady.

In an encounter filled with respect and mourning, Ramaphosa paid homage to Geingob’s ethical approach to leadership, an attribute he deeply admired and learned from.

According to Ramaphosa, Geingob’s disciplined leadership style, emphasizing the importance of structured systems, well-executed processes, and efficiently run institutions, left a lasting impression on him.

These lessons, Ramaphosa noted, are particularly resonant as South Africa navigates its challenges, providing a blueprint for effective governance.

Ramaphosa’s visit to State House and the subsequent condolence call at Casa Rosalia, the residence of the late President Geingob, alongside President Mbumba, stressed the deep ties between Namibia and South Africa.

The South African President’s tribute to Geingob not only highlighted the former Namibian leader’s dedication to his country but also his significant impact on regional politics and governance.

As leaders across the continent and the world remember Hage Geingob, Ramaphosa’s reflections offer insight into the values and principles that defined Geingob’s presidency.

His commitment to ethical leadership and disciplined governance remains a guiding light for current and future leaders in Africa and beyond.

Ramaphosa’s visit and his conveyance of condolences to the former First Lady and Namibians at large serve as a powerful testament to Geingob’s legacy.

The South African President said that it reminds us of the profound influence that one leader can have on his contemporaries and the enduring bonds of friendship and solidarity that connect the nations of Southern Africa.

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