You can’t take them with you!


Dear thought explorers, I hope that you have had a reflective week on our last meditation and have been taking the tentative steps to ensure that the need outweighs the fear in all the tasks you had to do this week or simply in your thoughts because there is where doubt begins.

I like when Benjamin Disraeli said “nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” This week as we journey on into the Crowning Season, our meditation is titled: YOU CAN’T TAKE THEM WITH YOU!

The older I get I’m learning that the most painful part in the quest to self-actualization is that I have to leave some people behind. People who i believed would walk with me forever, now I understand the phrase “nothing lasts forever “ I have now come to fully ebrace that life is about seasons. Which is why I believe that all the people who we have in our lives at the season we are in are supposed to unlock a new level of awareness within ourselves and the reverse is true for the other person. Now this is where it gets interesting, to unlock that awareness, we usually have an experience which unlocks that door and its almost always never a pleasant situation. However these situations are the ones that propel us forward or keep us stagnant.

The people we keep around us can either propel us forward or keep us stagnant.

Someone on the Internet said, when a rocket first goes up, it has all it’s boosters but the further up it goes, they have to fall off because they have served their purpose. The same can be said for life, only we grow to care for these boosters and when it’s time to let them go, it hurts. But much like the rocket they were only needed to propel us to a certain altitude. But when the time comes unless you make the choice to be blind to it, you will know it is time to let go.

How do we know it is time to let someone go? The energy completely shifts, suddenly you and this person no longer seem to have anything in common, the conversations feel forced. At first you blame it on the busy schedules of your lives but even when you are together, it feels like you have completely lost the taste of the person from your mouth. Suddenly you just don’t see life the same way anymore. When you have reached this critical stage, cut the cord without looking back.

In order to become the best version of oneself, we have established that we cannot keep doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result, Einstein defined that as insanity. When you make the decision to clean up your life, to clean up your habits, that should start with the company you keep, evaluate whether these people push you to be the best you can be or simply go along with everything you do. Here are some of the reflective questioning I engage in when I am making the decision to keep someone or to let them go.

  • Do they call me out on my bull feaces?
  • Do they live a life that can be modelled after?
  • Do they challenge me to think outside the box
  • Do we engage in productive activities and conversations?

You can have your own set of questions that cater to your needs, just ensure your relationships are formed from healthy place and are growth filled and not are not a result of fear and comlacency . When they say “heavy is the head that carries the crown” these are the sacrafices that we have to make on our way to greatness. So really engage this inner dialogue and ask yourself if the relationships you are keeping are rooted in fear or growth? Ask yourself if these relationships mirror the person you want to become or the person you no longer wish to be.

Dear thought reader, these meditations are for us to look inwards to the most vulnerable parts of ourselves and plant flowers there. 2024 is the season of harvest for me and replanishing, so in this journey that you have embarked on, be willing to be open to your views being challenged and actually putting into practice the wisdom you have glanced here. I cannot wait to hear from you, @lettersbydesire on instagram is always ready to engage fully with you.


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