Redforce tender allocation under investigation

Ester Mbathera

The Municipality of Walvis has launched an investigation into RedForce Debt Management CC’s tender allocation process.

This move comes after the council’s decision to terminate the debt collector’s services due to allegations of impropriety in the procurement process.

Richard Metcalfe, the municipality’s lawyer, said in a media statement on Tuesday that investigations will examine the procurement process as well as the customs documentation, contracts, and schedules of the agreement.

“We will institute the necessary civil and criminal proceedings in the event of any impropriety,” he said.

The municipal council unanimously decided last week to terminate the services of the debt collection company.

On Friday, RedForce filed an urgent application in the High Court, seeking to prevent the immediate termination of its services.

Metcalfe informed the municipality that allowing an empty order would not incur any costs for the municipal council or the residents of Walvis Bay.

“A notice of termination of RedForce Debt Management CC’s services will be effected in terms of the Consultancy Service Agreement,” said Metcalfe.

The Walvis Bay Municipal Council has instructed its employees to exclusively handle the disconnection and reconnection of municipal services and water readings.

“No debt collector whatsoever shall carry out such duties for and on behalf of the Municipal Council of Walvis Bay,” reads Metcalfe’s statement.

In the meantime, the Affirmative Repositioning movement’s community activist, Knowledge Ipinge urged the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to order Red Force to suspend all activities in Walvis Bay.

He also believes that those responsible for any wrongdoing should face severe punishment after a thorough investigation.

“We advocate for a complete audit of the Walvis Bay Municipality’s procurement practices, particularly for projects exceeding the local authorities’ threshold, to prevent such egregious oversight from recurring. Should these investigations confirm any instances of legal violations or ethical misconduct, restitution and possibly punitive measures should be imposed,” he said.

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