Rundu expands collaboration to boost growth and development

Niël Terblanché

The Rundu Town Council has embarked on a series of strategic partnerships aimed at bolstering local capacities and addressing crucial municipal challenges across various sectors.

Last week, the Rundu signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ruacana Town Council, emphasising a shared commitment to sustainable development, environmental management, and infrastructural advancement, among others.

The alliance is set to leverage internal expertise, reducing reliance on costly external consultancies.

Mayor Gabriel Kanyanga stressed the strategic shift towards utilising in-house capabilities to foster economic development and manage public health initiatives more efficiently.

“Our approach is to harness the existing skills within our institutions to improve service delivery and foster innovation without incurring substantial consultancy fees,” Kanyanga said at the signing ceremony.

In parallel efforts, Rundu has also teamed up with the City of Windhoek to enhance its information technology (IT) infrastructure, aiming to streamline municipal services and operations.

In the same vein, collaboration with the Municipality of Swakopmund is set to refine solid waste management strategies, further exemplifying Rundu’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Rundu town council is also proactive on the infrastructural front, with a N$16 million road maintenance project underway, targeting major thoroughfares to improve urban mobility and safety.

Further enhancing its urban management strategies, Rundu has inked a twinning agreement with Swakopmund.

The mayor said that the goal of this partnership is to enhance both towns’ capacities to effectively serve their communities by fostering mutual learning and resource sharing in areas like human resource management, local economic development, and public health.

Kanyanga said that these initiatives reflect Rundu’s broader agenda to exchange knowledge and shared expertise across Namibian municipalities, setting a precedent for collaborative governance and integrated urban development.

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