Scammer steals thousands of dollars from his friend

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

A former employee of Telecom Namibia in Tsumeb stands accused of defrauding a friend out of N$148 000 under the pretence of acquiring a discounted company vehicle.

The case has been reported to the Oshikoto Regional Police as theft under false pretences.

According to the Regional Commander, Commissioner Theopolina Kalompo-Nashikaku, the suspect, convinced the victim who is his friend that Telecom Namibia was auctioning off some of its vehicles at a reduced price for employees.

The suspect claimed that he could secure the bakkie at a discount rate which is always offered to Telecom employees when such activities are taking place.

“The complainant then sent money to the suspect’s bank account to buy him a bakkie at staff price. The complainant deposited the amount of N$148 000 into the suspect’s account to buy the vehicle which was supposed to be handed over to the complainant on 4 September 2023 in Tsumeb. However, the suspect failed to deliver on his promises and started spending the money on himself,” said Kalompo-Nashikaku.

The Regional Commander added that following police investigations, it was then discovered that the suspect had already spent N$11 000 of the deposited amount, leaving N$137 000 in his bank account.

She said the suspect has not been arrested because investigations are being conducted. She indicated that the suspect’s bank account was frozen and that he is unable to access the money.

Kalompo-Nashikaku issued a warning to members of the public, urging them to exercise caution when engaging in such business transactions.

She emphasised the importance of physically verifying the items being purchased and confirming proof of ownership before any payments are made.

“The public is discouraged from buying cars or any other items before physically seeing them or verifying proof of ownership. They should not pay money into the bank account of people without finding out if the business is legit and trustworthy. They must avoid doing business with people through social media advertisement,” she said.

She further encouraged the public to report any suspicious activities related to scams or theft to a police station near them.

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