City says its participation at OAT takes services closer to residents in the north

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

After a three-year hiatus due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Windhoek (CoW) has resumed its participation in the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair (OATF) and highlighted that it a crucial way to ensure that residents of the capital continue to receive essential services.

CoW spokesperson, Harold Akwenye, emphasised that their participation could potentially attract investments and partnerships, leading to further development and enhancements for residents.

He was responding to Windhoek Observer questions on how the city’s participation in the OATF benefitted its residents.

“In essence, our participation is not merely about presence. It is a strategic move aimed at inclusivity, growth and showcasing the dynamic nature of our city to the broader community. Additionally, it allowed us to collect valuable feedback and insights from residents and visitors, helping us tailor our services to meet their needs better,” Akweenye stated.

He highlighted that the primary objective of the City’s participation in OATF 2023 was to bring its services and initiatives closer to the residents of Windhoek, particularly those in the northern regions.

“As the capital city of Namibia, and due to our bilateral memorandum of understanding with Ongwediva Town Council, we saw OATF as an ideal platform to register clients on our e-portal. It also served as an opportunity to introduce our portal and TID rollout program, which involves the city’s ongoing efforts to update prepaid electricity meters and promote our upcoming Jazz Festival,” he said.

Moreover, he noted that the Trade Fair allowed the city to engage with clients who have properties in Windhoek but are based in the north, as well as those working at the trade fair, the general public, stakeholders and raising awareness about the City Council initiatives.

Akwenye disclosed that the CoW delegation consisted of six officials, with three officials working per shift.

While a total of N 63,115.69 was spent on transportation, erection and dismantling of the stand, other expenses such as accommodation, as well as travel and subsistence allowances are considered internal matters and cannot be made public.

“Please take note that details pertaining to employee remunerations are internal matters and will not be disclosed to the media. Additionally, please take note that all expenses associated with our participation in the trade fair were duly budgeted for and have been approved in line with our commitment to transparency and financial prudence,” Akweenye said.

He further added the Trade Fair provided a platform to market the CoW, showcasing its advancements and operations. Exposing Windhoek as a city of growth and opportunity to potentially attract investments and partnerships that could lead to further development and enhancements for its residents.

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