Service station pays employees after NEFF intervention

Martin Enjala

The salaries of employees working at the Riverside Service Station in Eros Windhoek were paid today, approximately an hour after they downed tools and with the intervention of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighter (NEFF).

Speaking to the Windhoek Observer, Michael Amushelelo Member of the NEFF, confirmed the payments.

The workers protested after their their December 2022 salaries were unpaid, demanding their full salaries.

It is reported that Amushelelo was roped in by the workers.

According to him, he directed employees to stop working and motorists who wished to fill up fuel into their vehicles, were advised to go elsewhere as a way of standing in solidarity with the employees.

“After an hour of back and forth with the manager, salaries were paid in. However, the salary issue is said to be an every month issue according to the employees,” he said.

Amushelelo has since advised the service station management to increase employee salaries, terming the current salaries as peanuts.

“These people render their services to you but you delay their salaries, which are not even a lot but peanuts”, Amushelelo said.

This publication has it on record that both the car wash and fuel attendants earn N$1000 while cashiers earn N$2000.

It is also understood that employees have been asking for salary increment, but to no avail.

The matter was also reported to the Ministry of Labour, according to Amushelelo.

“The affiliation of many unions to political parties hinders them from fighting for the plight of the people. Each person is looking out for their own interests at the expense of employees. The growing concern of many people living in Shacks, travelling long distances to fetch water is also a cry out for salary increments Amushelelo stressed.

One of the employee, expressed his frustration of having to work with old working uniforms, calling on the management to address the matter.

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