South Africa celebrates 30 years of progress and unity with Namibia

Niël Terblanché

The South African High Commissioner to Namibia, Thenjiwe Mtintso lauded Namibia and its people for their invaluable support in South Africa’s fight for freedom.

He made the remarks during a gathering at the country’s High Commission in Windhoek this

The High Commission in Windhoek has already launched a series of events under the banner “Advancing Growth.”

As Namibia’s southern neighbour approaches its 30th anniversary of democracy this Saturday,

Mtintso said that the commemorative activities are not only a celebration of South Africa’s three decades of democracy but also a tribute to the enduring solidarity and shared struggles between South Africa and Namibia.

“Our journey to democracy cannot be narrated without the mention of Namibia’s significant role,” Mtintso stated.

Highlighting a concerning disconnect with the past among the youth, Mtintso emphasized the importance of education on the historical ties that bind the two nations.

The high commissioner said that to this end, the year-long celebration includes a South Africa and Namibia film festival, set to take place at a prominent local cinema chain.

The festival, which is free to the public, aims to educate and inspire by showcasing films about the liberation icons from both countries.

She said that the theme of this year’s celebration, “Advancing Growth,” seeks to not only reflect on the past but also strengthen the ongoing partnership, fostering a sense of Ubuntu and pan-African unity.

“This milestone provides an opportunity for both countries to reflect on their democratic journeys and to envision the future of their bilateral relations,” she said

Mtintso said the spirit of unity and shared purpose resonates and that it should remind the people of both countries of the power of cooperation and mutual support in achieving lasting freedom and prosperity.

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