SPYL must ensure the party’s victory in upcoming elections

Stefanus Nashama

Hofni Iipinge, a member of the Swapo Party Central Committee, has urged the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) in Ohangwena Region to initiate activities and programmes that will encourage the youth to vote for the party in large numbers in the 2024 presidential and national assembly elections in November.

“Young people are expected to lead this campaign and ensure that the youth vote in big numbers and they should vote for Swapo Party,” Iipinge told the SPYL members.

He also encouraged them to demand service delivery from various government offices, ministries and agencies that owe services to the people.

He stressed that the youth must hold leaders accountable but with respect.

Iipinge, who is also a member of the Swapo Party Political Bureau and a Leader assigned to the region, spoke at the official opening of the Ohangwena SPYL Regional Executive Committee meeting on Monday.

While informing the party youth about their expectation, he acknowledged the national crises such as unemployment, education, and health. Stating that SPYL’s collective responsibility must ensure such services are provided to the people.

At the same time, Iipinge encouraged SPYL to mobilise the masses to join the party and rally behind the party campaigns, saying those party activities should be organised in the party structures where there are members, instead of waiting from the mother body.

“Party activities should be held in the region with or without resources,” he urged.

Iipinge told the meeting that young people in the party are the future leaders and it is their constitutional obligation to ensure that other youth are recruited and registered as Swapo Party members.

Young people in the Swapo Party are expected to invest unwavering contributions to the party through volunteerism, he stressed.

He further reminded youth members of other young members who assisted the party successfully in the past through volunteering over the past years.

“As young people, you have the energy and time to rally ahead of all the party activities, especially mobilisation and membership drives,” Iipinge reiterated.

He used the opportunity to rally behind the Party presidential candidate, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, stating that this has given extra effort for the youth to ensure Nandi-Ndaitwah emerges victorious in the November election.

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