Swakopmund reconsiders mobile food truck relocation

Niël Terblanché

The Swakopmund Municipal Council is currently reevaluating its strategy for the relocation and creation of new mobile food truck sites after facing significant opposition from various community stakeholders.

During its latest council meeting, the local authority acknowledged five objections that call into question the impacts of moving beloved local food kiosks, including the popular “Fork ‘n Nice” yellow bus from its current location at Strand Street and the Mole Beach area.

The relocation plans, which also include establishing new sites at the Thomas Hamunyela Amphitheatre and nearby tennis court parking area, have been met with legal challenges and public displeasure.

A strongly worded letter from Pieter Hamman Legal Practitioners, representing four property owners, criticized the decision for lacking transparency and fairness, highlighting a disconnect between the council’s actions and community sentiments.

Further complicating the council’s plans, residents raised concerns about procedural irregularities in the allocation process for new mobile food kiosks and SME trading spaces within the town.

These objections stress a broader community call for greater involvement in decisions that directly affect their daily lives and the local business environment.

Wilfried Groenewald, the alternate chairperson of the Swakopmund Municipal Council, at previous meetings of the council, stated that alternative sites have been approved and regulations alongside lease rental fees will soon be enforced.

The council also introduced a six-month grace period for compliance, aimed at easing the transition for affected vendors.

He said the council’s efforts to adjust the mobile food kiosk landscape in Swakopmund reflect the delicate balance required between fostering economic opportunities and maintaining community trust and satisfaction.

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