Swapo has no guilt feeling

Martin Endjala

The Swapo President president Hage Geingob refuses to be made feel guilty for being a member of the party.

“I am tired of people trying to make us feel guilty simply for just being part of Swapo”. The party president said this during the Swapo Party Central Committee official opening in Windhoek over the weekend.

In his welcoming remarks, Geingob wasted no time in confronting persistent ridiculing and trying to shame and blame Swapo for everything wrong during their gatherings.

The SWAPO patriot said that the idea of targeting former liberation struggle movements is born of selfishness and it does not serve the Namibian people at all.

Geingob said those who are trying to tarnish the image of Swapo are ashamed of their own history. “How can you say that you are tired and that you should leave Swapo, where were they during the liberation struggle?’’ Geingob questioned.

“They want us to deny that we are Swapo, how can one want to deny a movement, the struggle that liberated this country”, Geingob continued.

The president lashed out at PDM’s comments calling Swapo a sell-out and a puppet, reiterating that where were they when Swapo liberated the country, while emphasizing that ‘’they are not stupid, to be sell outs’’.

“In their statements during their rallies, they want to make us look stupid, but we are not. We are very much capable, we went to the best universities”, Geingob pointed out.

“If we are tired, why did we not give up, when we fought the white supremacy”. The president has urged opposition parties to be mindful when making such ridiculous political statements.

He further appealed to Swapo members not to be ashamed of being part of the party, but to rather be proud and uphold the party’s name.

During the central committee the Swapo Women’s Council secretary was sworn in as the new CC member.

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