Swapo launches online newsletter and website

Eba Kandovazu

THE Swapo Party yesterday launched its online newsletter and website, spearheaded by the department of Information and Mobilization, as part of its strategic duty to re-engineer its information drive.

The party’s Spokesperson Hilma Nicanor said at the launch that the newsletter will ensure that they continue to be relevant within the fast-changing information age.

“The Party’s newspaper Namibia Today has been inactive for a while due to strategic and logistical reasons. Henceforth, the Department of Information and Mobilization as directed by the Party’s Political Bureau and endorsed by Central Committee, embarked upon a successful program of implementation to revive the newspaper into an Online Newsletter. The fundamental reason of doing so is for the Party to strengthen its information communication strategies and mobilization activities,” Nicanor said.

The newsletter, she says will serve as a convenient tool for maintaining regular communication, cementing the party’s social media presence and prominence and providing insight on its progressive Party programs and activities.

“Indeed, today, we live in a fast changing world because of technological advancement, popularly referred to as the ‘digital era’, where online marketing and information sharing plays a predominant role in the lives of the people and
has the power to influence the thoughts and behaviors of a given society. It is therefore against this background that with the online version of Namibia Today, our aim is that of ensuring that our members and the society at large are provided with a true alternative in terms of information consumption.

This platform will therefore redirect our people to a more positive and constructive discourse which will enable them to source information directly from the party through a state of the art multimedia information sharing and communication
interactions,”Nicanor stated.

“Henceforth the need for the Party to drive its own narrative, instead of allowing a vacuum to exist, that has allowed others to set their own preconceived and premeditated agendas, mostly centered towards distortion. This vacuum has
left some of our people entangled in a web of distorted stories about our Party, our country and our heroic history which culminated into the attainment of freedom and independence that we are enjoying today, “She added.

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