Swapo SG welcomes new members in Kunene

Martin Endjala

The Secretary General of the Swapo Party said despite its ups and downs, the party is still trusted by the majority of Namibians as the one that brought development and prosperity for all.

Sophia Shangingwa said this when she welcomed new members to the party at Okanguati in the Epupa district of the Kunene Region last Friday.

She told the new members that the party is the only political home for all Namibians and continues to lead in uniting the people of Namibia irrespective of colour, gender or tribe.

Highlighting the many achievements of the party, Shaningwa listed some of the services delivered in the Epupa districts as potable water, electricity, road infrastructure, provision of free education
for children and hostels accommodation, provision of housing through Shack Dwellers Federation, Police Station for safety, provision of healthcare facilities such as clinics, improved social grants to senior citizens, orphans and people living with disabilities, agriculture extension services and a settlement office.
She stressed that the programmes are part of what the electorate demands for their betterment of their livelihoods, hence, it is the duty of the elected leaders to ensure that such developments are carried out in all their districts.

She promised that the government will continue to implement socio-economic development projects. “Hence the electorates have the right to demand for development. Projects and programmes that are budgeted for, must be implemented to make a positive impact in the livelihood of our people,’’ added Shaningwa.

The SG further stressed the importance of recruiting more members in order to build a more formidable force as well as encouraging party members to associate themselves with the party’s long rich history and to serve as mobilisers of the party wherever they are.
“As Members of the party, you are all representatives of the Swapo Party wherever you go. You will all agree with me that we are all mobilisers of our party in one way or another. Mobilisation is our daily job as members and cadres of our party,’’ she encouraged the members.

She then called on the new members to embrace their role and not to be spectators, but rather participate in discussions concerning their community’s development as well as in all spheres of development of the country, in order to build a foundation for the future generation.

She impressed upon the new members that they membership cards obligate them to vote for Swapo to give the party the mandate to bring about the change needed in their constituencies.

She also advised the members to engage their leaders at districts, branch, section and at regional level when they want to raise concerns and issues or suggestions, stating that this will grow the party from strength to strength.

Shaningwa also made a call on all the people of Okanguati, to trust and to cooperate with the government representatives in the constituency, which includes health inspectors and their teams, the Namibian Police and other security pesonnel.

The SG said that she was happy to have witnessed that distribution of food parcels when she arrived at the settlement.

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