Traffic, wildlife, livestock offences dominate Otjozondjupa crime

Obrein Simasiku

A total of 7341 traffic fines with a value of N$5 831 525 were issued by lawless drivers and motorists by law enforcement agencies in the Otjozondupa Region during the financial year 2021/22, resulting in the arrest of 460 persons for various traffic offences. Among these 150 persons were arrested for drunken driving.

Also 52 road accidents were recorded. “Our region is hard hit in terms of road carnage on the B1 road between Okahandja-Otjiwarongo-Otavi, which are currently the highest accident prone areas in the country. Namibia has the best roads infrastructure but ‘road user’s attitude’ and ‘negligent driving’ are a key contributing factors in road accidents. Thus, Traffic policing remains an integral part of promoting road safety,” said Otjozondjupa governor James Uerikua.

“To this end my office has initiated a plan for a roads symposium aimed at bringing all road stakeholders together and seek an amicable solution to this problem. We have lost productive citizens on this road. One of the key proposal on this road is the 1+2 road system which allows for a pass lane of slow moving traffic.”

The governor said lawlessness is not supported, maintaining that the region is governed by the rule of law like elsewhere in our country, “socio-economic advancement and growth is dependent on a safe, secure environment in which all are protected.”

He added that, under Serious Crimes, the region noted significant progress due to efficient action leading to the arrest of culprits involved in the two major incidents that involved fraud and theft at a local bank, as well as a robbery and assault case at a supermarket in Okakarara. Stock theft, was also highlighted as a daunting concern, to both communal and commercial farmers. “The police managed to recover a total of 116 heads of cattle and 94 small stock with a combined value of N$1 782196. In addition, wild animal carcasses inclusive of 35 Oryx, 16 Kudus and 10 Springboks worth N$ 188,500-00 were also recovered,” said Uerikua as he commended the police forces for their pro-activeness.

The law enforcement also managed to intercept seven suspects with fake permits from Epukiro in Omaheke region at the Kalkfeld-Outjo-Otjiwarongo T- Junction where they were found in possession of carcasses of various game to the value of N$79, 000.

“As a region surrounded by game reserve parks and game farms, one of the challenges facing us is the preservation of protected species in terms of wildlife.

During the period under review, the Police in the region managed to arrest perpetrators of protected wild life such as pangolins and other species,” he added.

In terms of infrastructure development, the governor revealed the completion of the construction of the Nyae-Nyae Police Post and Barracks in the Tsumkwe Constituency built to at a cost of N$43.9 million

Still under the Line Ministry of Safety and Security, the Home Affairs and Immigration Directorate focused on registration and issuance of national documents, introducing E-Birth and E-Death Notification Systems.

“The issuance of national documents is a necessity to ensure that the citizens have access to social welfare grants. I therefore welcome the Government’s efforts to reach out to ensure that all eligible citizens can have access to National Documents. In terms of ID registrations, Otjozondjupa region, had set itself a target of 5,414 for the 2021/2022 financial year of which the actual achievement was 6026. However, we still face a challenges of 5,951 uncollected IDs,” he stated.

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