Time for Moses generation has expired – Ally Angula

Stefanus Nashama

Ally Anugla, the hopeful independent presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential and national assembly elections, says the fight for the ‘Moses generation’ has ended, and it is time for the ‘Joshua generation’ to fight for land proprietorship and economic emancipation.

Speaking at the announcement of the alliance in support of the independent candidate yesterday in Windhoek, Angula said the Namibian society is abnormal when old people are still deciding for the future.

“Enough is enough. God has generations. Our forefathers went to fight for the land when they were young,” she said.

Angula said the Joshua generation should be able to sit at the table and set up policies to guide the future and not the Moses generation.

According to Angula, poverty in the country has a face, colour, and location, but Namibians, particularly the youth shouldn’t sit and watch such sickness.

“We have to plead for the needs of the poor. It is our responsibility to fight for those who are unable to do so,” she stressed.

Angula further stated that Namibia is not friendly to its people in raising the economy and making entrepreneurial opportunities available.

“We rather have to be friendly with someone from outside the country, and this is how they become richer and richer,” she added.

She encouraged the youth to participate in politics and get themselves registered to be able to vote.

“Your voter card is the key to elections and taking decisions for your future,’ she reiterated

The politician also expressed concern with corruption in Namibia, citing the impoverishment of the Joshua generation youth.

“We want to see a budget for entrepreneurs, people in trades, job seekers for transport, even for buying suits for interviews,” he emphasised.

While urging Namibians to support her candidacy and vote for change in the November 2024 elections, Angula revealed the official launch of her campaign will take place on 5 March 20204.

“Are you ready? I am ready. Go and mobilise the people. The steps we must take are big, and we need big boots,” she told the audience.

Jan Van Wyk, the Leader of the United People’s Movement (UPM), Kenneth Iilonga of the National Empowerment Fighting Corruption (NEFC), and Justin Coetzee, Rehoboth’s Deputy Mayor were among the political figures who attended the announcement in support of Angula.

Political Analyst, Ndumba Kamwanyah backed Angula’s sentimental expression, saying the country is losing the Moses generation one by one, and with that, the Joshua generation should prepare itself to set policy for the future.

“It must dawn on us that the brave people that fought for this country and who brought us to where we are today, are departing one by one,” he said.

Kamwanyah mentioned that with the biological teaching, the demise of the Moses generation is a sign of an end to the old blood that fought for Namibian freedom.

“Old people should leave the country in a better condition for the Joshua generation, and if they do not, the history they made would be damaged,” he said.

Kamwanyah, however, cautioned the Joshua generation to be careful and not destroy the history fought for by the Moses generation otherwise they will suffer the consequences.

“The Joshua generation should not disconnect the history of the Moses generation that brought independence.

They must acknowledge the sacrifices made by the Moses generation. Yes, Moses did fail here and there but shouldn’t be pushed into the corner, they should be acknowledged for the role they had played,” the analyst said.

He added that without acknowledging the Moses generation, the youth may probably go wrong if they destroy history, which is the foundation of our country.

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