Toddler dies from drug overdose

Tujoromajo Kasuto

A three-year-old girl Maria Ndapewa Shuudifonya, died from alleged drug overdose after she allegedly consumed a tablet that was left lying around.

The girl from the Oshivanda Shanghatanga village in the Etayi Constituency in the Omusati Region died at the Oshakati Hospital.

According to Omusati regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Moses Simaho the toddler was in the house with her grandmother, when she fell asleep. When the granny woke her up, she was very weak and was taken to Oshikuku Hospital and was referred to Oshakati hospital where she died on Sunday.

Simaho adds that the doctors at the hospital failed to determine the cause of death and the body was referred to Oshakati police mortuary for a post-mortem, which found that the cause of death was drug overdose.




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