Trump has committed treason

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

The American president has constantly been the source of buffoonery, unseemly Tweets, school yard temper tantrums, hypocrisy, sexist remarks, racist innuendo and point blank lies. He has embarrassed himself around the world with his jaw-dropping ignorance. No other American politician would ever have been given the free pass to say and do the outrageous things that Donald Trump has. And now, he uttered words I thought I would never hear from an American president in my lifetime. In effect, he said that he will not turnover power as required by the constitution unless elections are ‘free and fair’ as HE defines it.

The November election in the USA is no longer about Biden vs Trump. It is an election in defence of the US constitution.

Trump swore when taking office on Inauguration Day in 2016 that he would preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. In essence, now he says he will violate it to stay in power.

US officials regularly lambast international leaders who say exactly what Donald Trump just said. American diplomats abroad must feel silly right now. Dictators, unwanted monarchs, fascists, and religious tyrants around the world have the green light to repeat exactly what Donald Trump has said and act on it.

According to the US constitution, at 12 noon on January 21st, one president’s term ends, and another one begins. Trump will no longer be president at that second whether he accepts the election results or not. If he is duly re-elected then he can be sworn in again for a second term. But, his first term will have legally ended. If, based on his comments, he is dragged out of the oval office kicking and screaming like a small boy, will right wing militias with their heavily armed, uneducated and angry members, fire upon Biden’s White House? This is scary stuff!

Trump’s comments violate his oath of office. I am not a constitutional lawyer, but for me, his words are TREASON. But, of course, the ‘Teflon’ president won’t pay an electoral price for such illegal, unethical, immoral, and incendiary utterings. His party, his financial backers and his voter base will not hold him accountable for anything he does. They fail to understand that the constitution is greater than Donald Trump.

Hearing Trump’s treasonous comment made me think of my Grand-daddy Wilson and his brother, my grand-uncle McGruder, who fought in Europe in WWI. I think with pride about my grand uncles (Quincy Warren and Warren Dixon) who fought in WWII, and my daddy (John H Wilson, Jr) who was in the army during the Korean War. I remember what they loved and believed about an America that treated black people so badly, and yet, had a constitution they held on to with hope. Donald Trump, the rich white boy who avoided serving in Viet Nam and called American soldiers who died in battle “losers”. Trump is an insult to my family members’ simple belief in the US constitution they were willing to die for.

Trump’s Republican lapdogs, distanced themselves from the president’s treasonous statements. They stated that they would accept the outcome of the elections. But, they are the people who empowered him for four years to abuse the constitution in the first place! They are Trump’s accomplices in trashing the US constitution.

I fear Civil War if/when Trump loses, because I assure you it will be war. Those who oppose Trump are as vehement as those who support him. They all have guns and will use them. That is what Trump recklessly set in motion. I can only pray that cooler heads prevail.

The political hypocrisy involved in calling for a vote for the open Supreme Court seat before the elections is backed by Republicans. This is outrageous partisan politics that threatens to render the Supreme Court as nothing more than a group of people calling themselves jurists, but are really ideological, party line factotums with law degrees. That applies to those from the left or the right. That Court must be independent; not conservative nor liberal.

Even ordinary Americans who will still vote for Trump say they do not like his sophomoric Tweets, huge lies and insane comments. But, many of those same people will vote for him again. It’s crazy.

Whether Trump or Biden wins in November, the outcome must be respected. To say otherwise, is to toss the very foundation of the USA in the toilet. Trump is too simplistic to realize that it would not just be his presidential poll that is now tainted by his unfounded whinging about corruption, but the November votes for his Senate enablers, members of the house, governors, and local officials across the country would also be called into question! In for a penny, in for a pound as they say.

The US elections are no longer about Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It is about the importance of the US constitution.

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