Youth finally get their wish-Iipinge

Martin Endjala

The just ended 7th Swapo congress three weeks ago, has seen a good number of young cadres being elected to the Central Committee (CC).

Hofni Iipinge comments that the wish of youth representation in top decision-making bodies in the party has been finally answered. The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary for Education says the call for 60 per cent of youth representation on the CC and Parliament, is finally materialising as for the first time the youth is being represented on the CC, with six SPYL cadres so far and one on the Politburo (on which Iipinge was elected too).

The representation of youth combined with the elderlies, is one welcomed aspect by Iipinge, as youth agendas can now be brought onto the table, and with the six SPYL on the CC, they are now able to ensure that youth agendas are not only brought onto the table but also carried out.

However, despite the good representation of youth on the CC, Iipinge is cautious that youth agendas must be aligned with those of the party, as they too ought to abide by the rules and principles of the Swapo Party.

Above all this, as a youth, Iipinge laments that they also need to ensure that the party’s status quo remains relevant and survives storms that will continue to bombard the party. Additionally, the party’s principle programmes must be respected, and the elders should not be seen as threats but as guides who will groom and advise them to be better generational leaders.

“We can no longer blame elders for not carrying out our interests, it is up to us now to come up with our visions and inform the party on the interests of young people”, says Iipinge calling on all national, regional and districts youth to bring their agendas for him to present them to the Politburo, of which he is the only youth chairing it, and given that the politburo can be summoned at any time by the Swapo President, to make recommendations on issues.

Iipinge adds that this is a great breakthrough as such recommendations are then taken to the CC for decision making, on which the youth is well represented and agendas of young people do stand a better chance than ever before.

“I am available, am flexible and I will be visiting all regions for youth to bring forward their agendas”, he dedicates. Adding that he is not representing an individual but youth at large. The CC member also takes a swipe at those seeking to build factions within the party due to their defeat, stressing that there is no winner or loser, and that the internal party campaigns were for the benefit of all party members and to ready the party for the upcoming 2024 elections.

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