With capitalism shall there one day ever be no more hunger, shacks in Namibia?

THERE are two unpalatable truths that must sooner rather than later dawn on the leaders of the South. As much as the world economic order is no longer based on and determined by the East and West polarity, the cold war as was then, the world is still very much based on the rich and poor, with the South, richly endowed naturally as it may be, still being poor and destined to given the status quo of the world economic order of so-called equality. While the North, that has been siphoning off the natural resources of the South, continuing to be rich and developed.

Albeit an economic order according to which the world is still being arranged. With the South, Africa including Namibia, poor as she is. Not so much because she is poor but because she is still serving and entrapped into a world economic order which continues to condemn her and her people, just like many of her fellow nations of the South and their people, to permanent servitude of the capitalist world order.

Where prosperity to her and her people is only but a figment of the imagination of her leaders to and for whom development is no more than a hollow notion. Which, at best, is not genuinely intended but a necessary expedient and ideological tool of capitalism to appease the masses. With the leaders of the South, Africa including Namibia, being willing partners of the continued political hoodwinking and the mental subjugation of their people, into believing that they are doing their people some good, by inviting, hosting and cosying up to so-called investors. Whose intensions are and has never been, let alone by any pretense, to facilitate the extraction and exploitation of the natural resources of the South, Africa and Namibia, to and for the ultimate benefit of the country. But on the contrary the wholesaling of the natural resources to foreign corporations has been the main motivation and the driving power of their presence and raison detre of investments.

Carried out and perfected by multinational corporations with the full backing of their mother countries. Countries which when needs be can unleash their full military might on the countries of the South, including Namibia, to ensure the continued and continuous extraction and exploitation of the natural resources for the good of self and their peoples.

These days the in-word is democracy, where people of the South, and their leaders, are made to believe that the political systems which are essentially imposed on the South, and which are essentially inventions and constructions of the North, are the best. While on the contrary they are designs of the North to continue to install regimes in the South by which the age old colonial-capitalist dispensation continues its exploitation of the people of the South under new pretexts and pretenses of the globalism.

Which essentially is no more than the continuation of capitalism in a soft and devious manner. The ultimate being the exploitation of the natural resources of the South. Not for the good of all, including peoples of the South but exclusively for the people of the North.

This being the case, time and again and at various platforms, one has oft been hearing leaders of the South talking about the need for the development of their people. With such utterances by leaders of the South, having been no more than pure political masturbations. Some intent to mislead people into believing that these leaders are doing what they are doing in the best interest of their people, their development. While in reality there has been for years that these countries have been politically emancipated, little to show for in terms of development commensurate with the resources which have been exploited and shipped out of these countries to countries of the North, from which all of the corporations, the so-called investors, hail from.

Leaders of the South, Africa, as indeed Namibia, who are and have been genuinely been believing in the welfare of their people, are these days few and far in between. For most of them when talking about the prosperity of their people, which for that matter seems ages before they would ever materialise, believe less in such prosperity other than their own prosperity and that of their own circles and immediate families.

It is election year with Namibia going to the polls this November. Already Yours Truly Ideologically has started hearing barrages and tonnes of promises bordering on pure lies if not political fantasies. Political mumbo jumbos. With political parties with no iota of chances, even after centuries, ever taking over political powers promising voters gold and what-have-you.

With hindsight their promises may just as be good because they know they shall never assume the reins of governance to be able to account to the voters for their promises. But the irony is that, like the habitual typical trademark lamentations of the leaders of the South, Africa and indeed Namibia, the leaders always seem to lose sight of the fact that there is no way that they realistically shall ever improve the standards of living of their people, foremost of the masses and workers, who have been and continue to be at the sharper end of capitalist exploitation, without doing nothing about and against the capitalist system. The very system that is and all the years dating back to colonialism, has been and continues to be responsible for the miseries which their people continue to endure an suffer from despite years of so-called emancipation.

Political emancipation without economic emancipation, after years of so-called decolonisation, has proven and been proving that indeed so-called independence, freedom and justice, which many nations of the South including Africa, and Namibia, has seen, is nothing but a euphemism for the continuation of capitalism. People shall be free and are free but they cannot and do not eat. For ala capitalism only some must and should eat. While others must continue to be satisfied with crumbs falling from the tables of the ostensibly well-to-do. The very ones who actually have and are helping and abetting the exploitation of the people for their own parochial interest. Delussionally believing they have a better stake than others tools of capitalism as they are hand have been in the exploitation of their fellows.

Yours Truly Ideologically would want to see and challenges all politicians and would-be politicians, as well as any other well-meaning Namibians with the interest, of especially the masses and workers, if ever in Namibia capitalism can be perfected to the effect that there shall be no more hunger, no more shacks and many other socio-economic ills and decay.

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