Couch Kitten: All good things come in time

Wetumwene Shikage

There are many things we wish to accomplish or at least to tick off from our “to do” lists. We are impatient for success or for our desires and we forget that there is a time for everything. Everything cannot be done at once. It is important to take your time to understand that sometimes, some things come before other things. Some things don’t even come at all. While you take your time working to get what you want, learn along the way.

Sometimes all you want to be is your best self. You must not be what others wish you to be. This is one of the reasons why my peers are forced to excel. And they are unhappy. Someone is always watching and criticizing. It can be parents, peers, or just random people. So they are stuck acting and ‘doing’ to please others. They have set themselves aside. That can never work in the end.

We must not get stuck in life. Stuck in school or stuck at a job that doesn’t fit. That should be motivation enough for one to always want and gain more. More skill, more experience or just better grades.

With that in mind, seek and strive to reach your highest potential. Procrastination will get the best of you if you let it. Now will turn to ‘later’; later becomes ‘tomorrow’; and tomorrow becomes ‘next week’. If you are not careful, an entire year can pass without you knowing it!

Only certain moments of your life are remembered in order for you to understand their purpose. Some things happen, and pass. Some things happen and leave scars. If you are attentive, you will notice that what happens can lead you to the path you wish to take. Be courageous to do what you do best, not what fear instils. I learned to loosen up a little; let life teach you but don’t be fooled by everything enticing. Sometimes the things that look so nice at first are not really worth it.

I made it a habit to want the best for myself and not compromise. There are many things you can compromise on in life. I’ve learned not to compromise who I am and what I want at the core.

Do not confuse what people may offer you with what you’re really worth. Acquire the skill or knowledge needed in order for you to give service of worth to somebody else. Don’t rush to do something that you will not enjoy. Take your time to learn.

A seed cannot be a flower in a day; it takes time. It needs to seek its nutrients in the ground. There are insects that might eat the seed and other dangers, but it still blooms.

I learned that I am like that too.

When you finally get something you have wanted for a long time, you appreciate having it better. I have come to believe that if I had gotten an achievement without putting in the work and time, I would not have appreciated receiving it. Good things take time to develop and bloom. Like me.

We all have personal ‘to do lists’ and we tick off things that we want or need as life goes on. But, what we achieve comes in time. It comes with work, luck, and support. Knowing that you have taken time and gained much in the process makes all that you do in life worthwhile.

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