CoW executive suspended

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City of Windhoek Executive in charge of Information & Communication Technology, Reckliff Kandjiriomuini has been placed on suspension by the municipality following allegations of corruption leveled against him.

Kandjiriomuini according to media reports, is alleged to have offered Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Secretary general and City of Windhoek councilor, Brunhilde Cornelius a N$5-6 million bribe through a fellow party member, Nicanor Ndjoze for her to stop opposing the city’s plan to sign an MoU with Chinese tech giant Huawei to implement its 5G network.

City of Windhoek Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kahimise confirmed the suspension.

“He has been suspended to allow unhindered investigations, but he has not been charged yet,” he told the Windhoek Observer when contacted.

Quizzed on the suspension details, including the durations, Kahimise said the matter will be put to City Council.

“His suspension is going to council next week,” he said.

The planned investigations into Kandjiriomuini’s conduct, comes as the RDP also announced it will institute an internal investigation regarding allegations made by one of its councilors and the conduct of one of its members.

According to the City, the planned 5G network will be used to implement its smart city initiative, with government having started the process of investigating the possibility of rolling out 5G technology in the country, with cabinet recently directing the Environment ministry to conduct a thorough environmental assessment and CRAN to develop a 5G strategy for country.

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks technology and Huawei are current leaders in the technology, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019 and is planned successor to the current 4G networks.

Currently the City is a holder of a Class Comprehensive Telecommunications Service Licence issuesd by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN).

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