How to maintain a Natural Glow

Robyn Nakaambo

How many of us stick to a failing skin regime of facial washes, cleansers, toners and moisturizers in the hope of them one day Producing your desired results?

If unwanted blemishes, black heads and breakouts have been making your life a living hell, consider those days history. Read the following tips and create a new regime to remedy your skin to the perfect glow.

Top 10 tips to the perfect glow

1. Drink at-least 2 litters a water daily (flush out toxins)

2. Sleep between 6-8hours a day (rid bags under your eyes)

3. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask (purifys skin)

4. Freeman Gel Mask and Scrub (exfoliate and open pores)

5. DCT lip care (keep your lips moisturized and soft)

6. Ilotyclin Gel (rids pimples and blackheads)

7. Retin-A Cream (rids pimples and blackheads)

8. Flawless Facial Hair Remover (used to remove facial hair on the chin, upper lip and cheeks)

9. Workout atleast 45 minutes to an hour at least 4 times a week (exercise gives your face a slight glow due to the increased blood flow)

10. Dont exercise with Make Up on (It clogs the pores)

11. Eat your way to fabulous skin (Eat your vegetables <spinach and other green leafy vegetables, beans, peas and lentils> and fruits <blueberries, kiwi, oranges and strawberries>)

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