Roll the dice with Black Dice

Jackie Wilson Asheeke

Black Dice is no longer a trio but one musical voice. Just before the state of emergency and pandemic lockdown in March 2020, he dropped his first album in eight years, called Uushimba in February, 2020. The unfortunate release timing eclipsed this foot tapping musical presentation. Check out his CD and support this talented artist. Buy the music, don’t copy it from someone.

While some already have the CD and it is not a new release, it deserves a fresh review because it perhaps did not get the coverage it should have at the outset. I hope the radio stations are giving him airtime. As we re-open the country after the months of no new music or entertainment events due to the pandemic, these beats and songs on this prolific 20-track album can lift spirits. The CD features Dice performing along with artists such as Benny-K, Mamikie, Top Cheri, Sunny Boy, Exit and Kaboy Kamakili.

Dice is really Jason Andreas. He wants to be known as BlackDice Salaam. The musical born-free hails from the Sky Location in Oshakati. He was raised in Oshuungu village.

On the inside cover of the CD Andreas says, “It was not easy to create this project especially when my mom passed on December 12, 2019, the very month I was supposed to drop. I dedicate this project to my late mom Aipinge Twitileni Agrippina who could not witness this (RIP).”

There is a track on the lengthy CD tenderly dedicated to his dear mother and it plays well.

In listening to the piece, most of the songs sound similar, perhaps because 13 of the 20 cuts produced by the same source, Bexxa Carter.

Nevertheless, Dice’s music makes you want to dance. And while I cannot understand the language used in the songs, it is a CD that I would recommend to others. It is a hip swishing musical presentation that will catch your attention.

Just as a marketing outreach suggestion, it would be good to have the translated words of the various songs on the inside cover of the CD or available on line on a webpage. That way, a wider range of CD buyers and potential audiences can rock to the music AND hear his words. His music can tell a story to a larger group of listeners.

Andreas offered some backstory, “I started my music career in 2009 with my two friends Kanime Thomas who is now part of Amazonkies and Prinslo O. B. I then took a break in 2012 to finish my Degree in Criminal Justice at the Polytechnic of Namibia. I then came back to the music scene last year. I’m currently studying towards another degree in Commerce in Law.

“My album is titled Uushimba which simple means the movement of people from the village to Urban Areas to look for jobs in order to feed the family back in the village.

“I am a Kwaito artist. All my songs were produced by Bexxa Carter of BeatsBank except Track 4 by Momento, 7 by Shebooy and Track 10 by Neslow. My album was released on the 28 Feb 2020. The album is available at Antonio’s Art and online on platforms like NAMBEATS for N$100.

“I have videos out on YouTube like Uushimba with over 10,000 views. You can also hear, Mama I’m Sorry (COVER Song), Ino Worry and Skandaal.

“I will be shooting another music video for the song called KASAPE in August. For bookings I can be contacted on 0813182919 or”

Check him out on Instagram: BlackDice Salaam and Facebook: BlackDice Salaam.

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