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Tag: Jackie Wilson Asheeke

Goodbye Shout Out!

This is my last Shout-Out column.

In life, all things change. To live with everything the same, would make our minds and spirits go numb. Change is scary but exciting at the same time. I began writing my signature column ‘shout out’ in March 2009, nearly 12 years ago. It has been a fantastic ride!

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Roll the dice with Black Dice

Black Dice is no longer a trio but one musical voice. Just before the state of emergency and pandemic lockdown in March 2020, he dropped his first album in eight years, called Uushimba in February, 2020. The unfortunate release timing eclipsed this foot tapping musical presentation. Check out his CD and support this talented artist. Buy the music, don’t copy it from someone.

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Lowering the bar damages our children

I am disgusted at the ridiculous decision to drop the passing average for primary school to 35 percent. It was already obscenely low at 40 percent! I am throwing shade on any ministry of education official that agreed to reduce the passing rate percentage. I am insulted to read officials blaming this outrageous decision on COVID-19. That doesn’t work! Step up and take your tomatoes in the face for this bad decision that hurts our children.

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