Can the country really be wishing for the recovery of Capitalism?

“The whole world has been a modern slave plantation disguised as a sophisticated political economy. The governments are modern day fiefdoms exercising autocratic control over their unenlightened slaves. Man has become so gullible through a false consciousness of living a better life, that he failed to see the deceit that was perpetrated against him. Orwell's "Animal Farm" and Thomas D'Urfey's song "Old MacDonald had a Farm" depicted in an allegorical way the development of a new form of enslavement that escaped the intellectual understanding of even the academics whose eyes were glued to an illusory utopia. Like the average man…
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Most political parties are chips from same old capitalist block

YOURS TRULY IDEOLOGICALLY: Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro “All the natural resources and the means of production must ultimately be owned publicly,” reads an article from what had come to be known as the “yellow book”, a booklet outlining Swanu of Namibia’s objectives for the liberation and reconstruction of Namibia. It does not end there but further enumerates this party’s revolutionary intents post-colonial. Its blueprint for the radical socio-economic transformation of the country. “Free enterprise activity in certain sectors of the economy may be allowed for a certain period of time, provided it is considered beneficial to the national economy and the people’s…
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