GIFP announces commencement<br>of CEO recruitment process

GIFP announces commencement
of CEO recruitment process

Obrien Simasiku The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is announcing the beginning of the recruitment process for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Fund, as the current CEO, David Nuyoma, heads into retirement June 2023, after serving the institution for a decade. “As per the Fund Rules, the CEO role will be appointed by the GIPF Board of Trustees, based on the GIPF Recruitment, Selection and Termination policy. To this end, the recruitment and selection process has been approved to commence. The GIPF is committed to undertake an objective, fair, open, and competitive recruitment process and distances itself from…
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IPC blamed for uncertainty around CEO recruitment<br>..council and management committee butt heads

IPC blamed for uncertainty around CEO recruitment
..council and management committee butt heads

Tujoromajo Kasuto The City of Windhoek municipal council and management committee are at each other’s throat after the council blocked attempts by the management committee (MC) to usurped council authority for the recruitment process of Windhoek’s Chief Executive Officer position, which has been vacant for nearly two years. According to CoW Mayor and Chair of Council Sade Gawanas, the decision to continue with the recruitment process is not the responsibility of the management committee, because the committee is only authorised to make recommendations to Council. ‘’As the matter stands currently, the Management Committee is usurping powers which as a sub-committee,…
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