Banning alcohol solves nothing

Ever since South Africa re-banned alcohol in their country, noises about doing the same in Namibia are louder. We disagree with the clamor. Bans are not solutions; they only reveal your fears. Banning anything is the lazy man’s governance path. It is harder to investigate a problem from the bottom-up and delve into the ugly side of life; so, people avoid doing it. And, empty state coffers make such programs nearly impossible these days. Prohibition will not work; it has already been tried and failed over and over again. And yet, the police and church groups keep demanding that everyone…
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Praise the Lord and pass the masks

We are aware of the continuing debate about restricting churches during the pandemic. This is not an easy debate, but it is a necessary one. People need hope, faith and courage in these difficult times. Will their churches rise to the challenge to serve? The government has not only the right, but the obligation to protect the people in national health emergencies like this one. At the same time, the constitution declares that church and state must be separate. High Courts in different countries are being asked to apply their minds and decide if government has the right to block…
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