Confessions of a Couch Kitten

Confessions of a couch kitten: Diets are nothing but lies

KHANYISWA MOGOTSI If there is anything that my 22-years on this earth has taught me, it is that dieting is the biggest scam ever. This year alone, I have been on four different diets and yes, not staying consistent might have added to my demise but when was somebody going to tell me that the lost weight would return as soon as the first cheat day comes around? My first diet took place at the start of lockdown when we were told to work from home, and I was so ready to return to work a brand new woman. A…
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Confessions of a Couch Kitten: My pets, Marcus and Marcel

Khanyiswa Mogotsi I recently got two new pets, a kitten and a bunny, and I already know what you are thinking. “What a random pair of animals” and four weeks in, I am starting to realise that I might have made a mistake. My kitten, Marcus, is just a little over eight weeks and Marcel, the bunny, is around two and a half months and before I got both of them, I might have romanticised how fun it would be to have both a kitten and a bunny. I would daydream about how cute it would be if they cuddled…
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