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Samupwa denies emergence of slate politics<br>… ‘It’s personal preference’

Samupwa denies emergence of slate politics
… ‘It’s personal preference’

Obrein Simasiku Swapo Executive Director said the candidates who have put joined forces in their campaigns through social media are not creating slates but practising individual preference. This amid recent developments where some candidates vying for the positions of Vice President, Secretary General and Deputy secretary general have merged and set up what seems to be camps, a different version of 2017 congress that pitted Team Harambee and Team Swapo. VP contender Sarah Kugwongelwa-Amadhila, SG candidate Armas Amukwiyu and Deputy SG aspirant Evelyne Nawases-Taeyele, seem to be in one camp, while on the other hand incumbent VP Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah is…
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