Socialism only route to a radical socio-economic transformation

Yours Truly Ideologically-Fifth Installment: Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro Yours Truly Ideologically is submitting that a radical socio-economic transformation of the colonial capitalist economic system was never envisioned and envisaged for Namibia by the various political principals and formations. Because for such an socio-economic transformation to be taking place, it must have been accompanied by a socialist-oriented socio-economic reconstruction programme of a post-colonial Namibia, informed by a Marxist-Leninist ideology. There can and could never be any other route. Which in Namibian is completely absent, without even any semblance of ideological soul-searching. To say the least, most of the Namibian political parties, have been…
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Unleash the private sector for job creation

A representative of one of Namibia’s long term development partners made a great comment. She said, “We are convinced it’s not governments that will create long-term employment opportunities that are needed; it’s the private sector.” Many have been screaming this point for decades. In the new normal, this reality will be shoved down Namibia’s throat forcibly. Government is basically broke as it struggles to find money to fund its deficits. It must spend the pennies it has left, not on direct employment projects, dropping bureaucratic barriers on the private sector. Allow service and product providers to get on with it.…
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