Heinrich Mihe Gaomab II

Board members mass exodus on the horizon  …as new cabinet directive takes effect

Board members mass exodus on the horizon …as new cabinet directive takes effect

Andrew Kathindi, Tujoromajo Kasuto State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) could see a mass exodus in the following months and years, with a new Cabinet directive baring Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of SOEs serving on the board of other SOEs. The development was confirmed by Public Enterprises Minister, Leon Jooste. The new directive is the reason why Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) Commissioner, Sam Shivute, will not be considered for reappointment as board Chairperson of the National Housing Enterprise (NHE). Shivute had previously admitted failure during his tenure at the NHE, which is currently faced with a leadership crisis pitting senior management against…
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CRAN, the year that was

Heinrich Mihe Gaomab II In a world where technology is urging the tides of change forward, Namibia, like all other countries, has been forced to up its game to ensure that regulations are current, relevant and serves the needs and expectations of Namibia’s information and communication technology (ICT) consumers. With this, the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia’s (CRAN) mantra of a high quality, accessible and affordable communications technological need for all Namibians has become even more important today. Amidst the unforeseen, unprecedented and catastrophic Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Authorities such as CRAN have become increasingly crucial to making online interactions safe,…
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