Katutura Hospital

Hospitals must be first in the money line

When hospitals run out of vital supplies, the government does not have its spending priorities straight. No matter what excuses are offered by the Executive Director of the Ministry of Health about why vital medicines are missing, they are insufficient. The reason medicines and supplies have run out in hospitals is not an error or a mix-up. Saying they are aware and "looking into it" falls short of the credibility mark. Let us stop saying that hospitals ran out of medicine or supplies. Let us speak the truth. Government has not provided funds so that state medical facilities can serve…
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Observatory: Show him the real deal

Clementine Tjameya President Geingob’s so-called ‘surprise’ visit to the Katutura Intermediate Hospital raised a number of frustrated and angry comments online and around town. People all over the country are wondering if it was really a surprise visit or just a staged visit. The public has been complaining about the hospital for as long as I can remember. Over the past few weeks the complaints got out of hand. There was even a petition going on social media which said, “Save Katutura Hospital”. People were, and are still, angry about the dilapidated state that of that hospital. However, after his…
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