Memorial lecture traces past<br>of an educational trailblazer

Memorial lecture traces past
of an educational trailblazer

Staff Writer The Mbuende clan is due to inaugurate its shrine in the village of Okapendje in the Otjombinde Constituency of the Omaheke Region on the 1st of October. The shrine, among others, is in honour of two of its forebears, Gotthard Kakuinakuine Mbuende, and his son Gabriel Gotthard Mbuende both who have left deep spoors in Namibia, both politically and educationally during the liberation struggle and after. The two are father and grandfather respectively to late Namibian musician, Virumuje Mbuende, and his younger brother, Ambassador Professor Kaire Mbuende , and their sister former parliamentarian, Vicky Kaura. It is not…
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