Namibian independence

Materialist conception of history is the real context of the National Resistance

Kae-Matundu-Tjiparuro The National Resistance, which eventually on March 21, 1990, heralded Namibian flag independence was not and could not have been an end in itself. But was an imperative first step towards the end, this end being the Second Phase of the African (Namibian) Revolution. Therefore, the question bugging and begging is whether Namibia, with the attainment of her independence on Indeed did and has actually embarked on the Second Phase of the National Revolution? As such there is a burning need to reflect on what the primary driving powers and/or motives were for National Resistance. Was National Resistance intrinsic…
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National Resistance only first phase of National Revolution

Yours Truly Ideologically: Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro Did March 21, 1990, the day of Namibian independence, usher in the first phase of the national revolution? Comes the question cautious to presume this may have been the case because of the lack of ideological clarity, if not lack of ideology all together in Namibia on national issues. There were two major epochs of national resistance. First against German colonialism and imperialism and occupation, and subsequently against the Apartheid South African regime’s occupation and de facto annexation of South West Africa as its first province. The National Resistance had in its first and launching…
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