Namibian Revolution

Workers are their own liberators

Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro Concerning the drive towards a true and meaningful radical socio-economic transformation, to herald the Second Phase of the Namibian Revolution, which in Namibian political parlance has been hailed as the phase of the economic struggle or emancipation, Yours Truly Ideologically believes after 30 years of independence, and the obvious decadence and blatant ideologically retrogression, the jury has been out who can lead the Second Phase of the Namibian Revolution. The State or Namibian government, if any of its previous the self proclamations on socialism by some but few of the leaders, foremost of the leading liberation movements of…
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Can the ideologically disinclined deliver us from exploitative system?

Yours Truly Ideologically- Fourth Installment: Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro Has independence heralded the Second Phase of the Namibian Revolution and what is the nature and character of this Revolution? Last time this columnist ended with this pertinent question. A question that Namibians must continue to ponder and unpack if her avowed developmental trajectory has to assume real revolutionary meaning. Underlining this question is another one whether there has been anything akin to a Namibian Revolution, at any point ever, pre-liberation war, during the war itself and after, when the radical transformation of the pre-independence socio-economic system must have been contemplated, let alone idealised…
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