NSFAF funded foreign study is unaffordable

NSFAF can no longer support Namibians attending foreign universities. The little money that remains in state coffers, cannot be stretched that far. All students that have completed half of their requirements (for example) could be funded to finish. But, all others must return and the program shut down. NSFAF funds are loans. Those receiving them should be allowed to spend them on the education of their choosing. Unpredictable foreign exchange fluctuations; the high cost of sending money; and the lack of funds to assist students in emergency situations, makes the program untenable. There are good reasons to support foreign study…
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Stop gambling with the lives of students

Thandizo Kawerama Nobody signed up for all the unexpected changes in 2020, and students most definitely did not register for them. It’s not fair to put blame on anyone as not many could have planned ahead for a pandemic. However the reality is that students forced into distance and e-learning are not receiving the level of courses and study that they agreed to when they registered at the beginning of the year. And yet, they are being asked to perform at high levels in the face of uncertainty. It’s unfair to assume that students will be able to produce the…
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