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Govt to lose N$600m in quota fees …as 1100 jobs are threatened

African Selection Fishing Namibia (AFSN) Chairperson and Seaflower Pelagic Processing (SPP) majority shareholder, Adriaan (AJ) Louw, says N$ 600 million in quota fees alone, over the next 12 years, could be lost to Government, should it proceeds to approve the attempted termination of the joint venture between National Fishing Corporation of Namibia Limited (Fishcor) and AFSN.

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Fishcor hunts for CEO

The National Fishing Corporation (Fishcor) which has been operating for more than five months without a substantive head following the arrest of Mike Nghipunya in February has begun the hunt for an interim Chief Executive Officer.

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Fishcor boss speaks out

Fishcor General Manager for Finance Paulus Ngalangi on Wednesday spoke out over his links and involvement with a Covid-19 positive South African suspect arrested by the police in Windhoek’s City Centre over the weekend.

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Nekundi’s taint affects Geingob

In 2017, Deputy Minister of Works and Transport Veikko Nekundi received N$20,000 from a law firm being investigated for receiving and transferring money connected with the Fishrot scandal. And yet, in 2020 he is sworn in as a Member of Parliament and appointed to a deputy minister’s portfolio. We wonder what vetting procedures are undertaken when people are selected for high office.

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