Hugh Ellis


The Time Traveler: Hugh Ellis I have some confessions to make. For a brief while I attended a Catholic school. At this school one of the teachers was, if not fired, let’s say ‘asked to leave’, after sharing pictures of dead fetuses, which were apparently ‘victims of abortions’, with us learners. You don’t forget seeing pictures like those. Later in my life, as a university student, I was briefly a member of an evangelical church on campus. We raised money for a ‘Pregnancy Crisis Center’, whose stated mission was to help young women who had unwanted pregnancies and difficult life…
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The Noose

The Time Traveler: Hugh Ellis The punishment of hanging for murder was abolished in the United Kingdom way back in 1969, well before I was born, but technically it could be imposed for treason right up until the death penalty’s full abolition in 1998. Reportedly, a gallows was kept operational at a prison in South London and tested with weights every six months until the final abolition of capital punishment. In the time from 1969 to 1998, it was never used in anger. But it gives me the creeps now to think our family home at the time was just…
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