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Everything is connected

People are uncertain these days. The economy is in decline. Solutions to lift it up will be slow, painful and might not work. The pandemic might take turns that no one can predict (though we all hope not). In such distressing circumstances, selfishness easily emerges in people and in businesses.

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Learning during lockdown

With Stage 2 of the phased State of Emergency set to run for another few weeks, life really has transformed in Namibia. Life as we know it across the globe has changed forever. We have all been trying to keep busy, some still just trying to work from home, others baking, learning to paint, catching up on sleep or rehearsing the ever-important TikTok dances.

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Lure customers back to the shops

Business owners lament each day they are unable to open; it means more losses. And, they are correct. But, the crisis is not one-sided. All the businesses in the world could be open, but without customers, what’s the point? Just opening doors is not the end of the nightmare, it is just the beginning.

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