Oshakati State Hospital

Mental health patients need their medicine

The mental health unit at the Oshakati State Hospital does not have the medicines needed to treat patients. This is disgraceful. Front line medical personnel tasked with helping those in mental distress are under siege. Their patients whose medical needs cannot be addressed are a threat to themselves and their caregivers. This crisis was avoidable. The officials responsible for the lack of medicines needed must be fired with immediate effect for incompetence. People are suffering because of this situation. Someone must be held accountable or it will keep happening. COVID is a national medical challenge, no doubt. But, we cannot…
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Medical doctors are not God

Jackie Wilson Asheeke Doctors are not GOD. But, both the doctors and patients don’t act like they believe this. I read a story of a young mother now suing her doctor and Oshakati State Hospital. She feels her precious baby’s death after receiving medical attention was caused by negligence. The young mother seems to have not known what was being done to her baby or why. The courts will have to sort that out. But there have been increasing tales of medical horror in the news. This matter must be addressed. The medical profession is difficult and challenging, especially now…
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