The COVID-19 #newnormal won’t be business as usual

Jan Coetzee Namibia, went into lockdown several weeks ago, our Government’s firm and swift response has so far kept the number of infections very low. Thankfully no deaths have been recorded either and Namibia may come out of this quite well. Certainly not discounting the damage to the economy or the closure of the schools and social activities that these necessary steps have caused. Eventually the economy will recover, kids will go back to school, but COVID-19 has left an indelible mark on our society and how we life, work and play. How we work is what I would like…
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Couch Kitten: Maybe locking down isn’t so bad

Thandizo Kawerama Life as we know it has changed completely. Things that were once normal and part of our everyday routines have been taken away from us. Going to school, commuting to work and grocery shopping amongst other things have suddenly become activities you need to think twice about. The lockdown has changed everyone’s routine and has forced us all to slow down. This means our priorities have changed and things that were once at the top of the list have suddenly shifted or disappeared. Though it might be unfamiliar and even a bit scary, I don’t necessarily think that…
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