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Take it seriously and let’s finish

The expansion of the Stage One regulations for the current State of Emergency to the Erongo region is a nightmare. But, it has been bought on by the people of that area not taking the government’s declaration on June 1st for Walvis Bay seriously. If you were warned that a huge pride of lions is in the area, why hold an outside braai and then cry foul when they come running towards the smell of your meat?

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A budget of hopes and wishes

At the end of the day, a budget is only words on paper. One cannot spend a budget. Government has once again laid out what it wishes to spend in a fiscal year vs what it hopes will be income in that same year. In saying this, we do not in any way denigrate the hard work of Finance Minister Ipumbu Shiimi’s team.

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Artists on lockdown: Jyz Yorke

The State of Emergency has brought drastic changes to various industries in our country, and the music industry is no exception. Concerts, festivals and other forms of promotion have been cancelled in light of the global pandemic. Entertainers are facing challenges during the lockdown to get the exposure they need to reach their audiences.

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