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Namibia can only survive if it is unified

The recent back-and-forth between burned out ‘residents’ of Twaloloka and a landless group claiming to be born in Walvis Bay, shows the ugly spectre of disunity. The latter group is angry. They purport to have been waiting for land without results. They object to the fire victims who are supposedly not originally from Walvis Bay and yet are set to receive plots.

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Govt must be proactive instead of reactive

Does it take fire and the death of yet another baby in a shack to get things moving? In the midst of the fiery cataclysm on Sunday night in Twaloloka at pandemic slammed Walvis Bay, one can only say, “when it rains, it pours.” It reiterates the problem that tin shack suburbs are social, political and actual powder kegs. In dealing with such situations, the government seems to be constantly on the back foot; being reactive instead of proactive.

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