United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

Joint Declaration is no substitute to the Ozombuzovindimba Declaration

October 2nd, was the 117th commemoration of the Extermination Order against the Ovaherero issued at Ozombuzovindimba in 1904. Similarly Monday, October 4th was the tenth commemoration of the expatriation from Germany of the first consignment of the remains of the Ovaherero , Ovambanderu and Nama victims of the 1904-1908 Genocide. Last but not the least, this November also sees the 17th anniversary of the Ozombuzovindimba Declaration. While all these dates somehow are related and intertwined, each, in its own unique way, marks an important and inerasable historical imprint in the sad but heroic historical epoch of the Nama, Ovambanderu and…
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